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Individual DVD

For the Record is now currently being offered on DVD to individuals and educational institutions/libraries.  A school/library
may not purchase a "personal" DVD from this page - they are required to purchase For the Record utilizing the "Education"
option through the Educators Page.  For state associations that wish to screen For the Record at conventions, there is a
mandatory screening fee which you can access through the Conventions Page.   

In our courtrooms (court reporters), in our classrooms (CART providers), and on our televisions (captioners), stenographers are the guardians of the record and a vital communication link in our world of modern technology.    

For the Record - Individual DVD

Order Now!

  • For the Record - Full Edition DVD

  • Approx. 72 Minutes

  • For Personal/Individual Use Only

  • $25 (includes shipping) 

  • (Seller will show as "SpeedBuilders")

  • 10% of all Individual DVD sales will go to The Gallery of Shorthand

UPDATE! - For the Record is no longer for sale on DVD.  You can view this documentary now on Vimeo!

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